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Under the terms of the Astana agreement, Russia, Turkey and Iran will jointly enforce the cease-fire and fight IS forces remaining in Syria.A report Monday that the United States and Russia collaborated on airstrikes against an IS target in Syria was denied by the State Department.CNN has previously reported that pro-regime forces had established a number of outposts and checkpoints in the area just outside the 55 kilometer "de-confliction" zone surrounding At Tanf, which was negotiated by Russia and the US-led coalition.On 30 September, 2015, Russia began its rigorous military campaign in Syria to directly defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as the previous logistical and technical support was insufficient in the face of the major rebel advance.Ironically, that figure is more than the terrorist group IS who have killed, and continue to kill, 3078.

This has has prompted the US military to be concerned about more defections in the future given that the regime has blocked the coalition and its allies from advancing on that same area.And they stopped short of endorsing Russian-led or U. peace mediation efforts between Assad's government and rebel groups. Like Jordan, Israel shares a border with the southern part of Syria and has been concerned about a spillover of violence as well as an amassing of Iranian-aligned forces in the south of the country. The goal is also to enable aid to reach this area of Syria, Momani told state media.Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed Momani confirmed an accord involving his country, the U. The deal is separate from an agreement that Russia, Turkey and Iran struck earlier this year to try to establish "de-escalation zones" in Syria with reduced bloodshed. S., wary of Iran's involvement, stayed away from that effort.Russia and Iran, the foremost protectors of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, and Turkey, the rebels' leading supplier of arms, also seem to be working together. The six-year Syrian civil war has killed 500,000 people and prompted mass emigration, largely to Europe.The United States was not involved in the talks, but a State Department statement said it welcomed any "actions that sustainably de-escalate and reduce suffering in Syria." The statement insisted that any political settlement must be made under U. auspices and under a peace process mandated by the U. Both the government and rebel sides are tired, out of funding and totally dependent on extra-national backers.Trump ordered some 60 cruise missiles to be fired at a Syrian air base in April after accusing Assad's forces of a deadly chemical weapons attack.


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