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She still turned me on and I always thought of that weekend whenever I was masturbating.

She was going to be coming out to the house for my graduation party later next week and I was super excited.

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I had since gotten a girlfriend but she wasn't like my aunty. She had her own style about her, but my aunts was much more hot and fun. It was getting late so I went upstairs and brushed my teeth.

I loved my girlfriend but never told her about what happened that weekend because I know she would think I'm some kind of pervert or prude or something like that. Remember your aunt Delilah will be here in a few hours. There was usually something a hell of a lot more interesting on TV at this time. There was still the smell of pizza in my breath so I used mouthwash. I was nervous too, as it always was whenever I saw her since that weekend. There was aunty Delilah standing beautifully in the doorway.

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